17th December 2018 Wil Wainwright

6 Stroke Roll Part 2

In the second instalment of the 6-stroke roll I just want to go over the two main feels.  There is the more traditional variation and the more contemporary version.  Another way of thinking about it is, the straight and the triplet based version.  This is also a great way of warming up your hands with accents, singles and doubles and also changing subdivisions over a left foot pulse.

1) In example one we are playing the 6-stroke roll in a more “traditional“ straight feel with 16th and 32nd notes.  The sticking is the same regardless of the feel but in this example, the notes are not all evenly spaced. We are effectively diddling the un-accented notes of continual 16ths.

2) In example two, we are playing the more modern, triplet based 6-stroke roll.  This is the version many of you will encounter first and is also my favourite way to utilise the 6-stroke roll.  As we are playing sold 16th note triplets, the notes are evenly spaced and this results in a much smoother feel.

3) In the final exercise we are simply alternating between the two previous examples.  Really watch your subdivisions and dynamics here and focus on getting a nice consistent sound and feel.

In the next 6-stroke roll lesson we will dive in to some more usable applications and some basic fill ideas using this rudiment.

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