16th March 2017 Scott Ottaway

Australia, again…

Hello again.

You find me once more in Australia. Mt Gambia to be precise. 

We have been out here since January 29th and have 3 shows left. By the time we board the plane home on March 13th in Melbourne, we would have done 31 shows over 6 weeks!

There have been a few very long days where we have driven 5-6 hrs then done a show, gone to bed, got up 6hrs later and started again.

On Saturday 11th March, we leave Mt Gambia at 7am and drive 5hrs to Melbourne (there is also a time change of 30 mins forward) hopefully arriving at the Crown Casino at 1pm.
The van and people carrier, once through Casino security, will be parked up.
For us the band, it means a few hours in Melbourne before a 4.30pm sound check. Food then show at 7.30pm.
Right after the show, band and road crew have a 3hr drive to the hotel at Wedderburn. Get a few hours sleep before we leave for our afternoon show in Mildura!

Australia is a very large country and if you want to cover it all in 6 weeks, you have to drive long distances, but it is worth it, with nearly every show sold out.

It feels like more than 5.5 weeks since we touched down in Perth and being away from home does take its toll so it’s very important to know when a band member needs their space. It can be hard when you are stuck in a people carrier for 5hrs, but you learn to give them space.

This is proper touring, sometimes staying in Motels, but most of the time it is 4 or 5 star hotels and this year, we flew Business class, which is a mighty step up from economy I can tell you.

On February 26th I celebrated my 7th year anniversary in The Searchers. It was a quiet affair with a 4hr drive and show, but an achievement none the less.

I am now the 3rd longest drummer in the bands, soon to be, 55 years!

When we return, we have a few days off before we start on our Spring tour at Redditch on March 18th. March is quiet with just 6 shows, but in April, May and June it really gets busy and in July, I’m getting married!

But this is the crazy schedule of The Searchers and we wouldn’t change it.

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Scott Ottaway Drummer for the 60s legends, The Searchers, I replaced Eddie Roth on 26th February 2010. I came up through the ranks, after working in house bands on cruise ships, holiday parks and I was a regular dep on the hit west end Queen musical, We Will Rock You, at the Dominion Theatre, London. I am proud to use and be associated with Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Carrera drums, Pellwood drumsticks, Porter & Davis tactile monitors and CODE drum skins. *All views expressed by myself, are my views only and not the views of any parties I am associated with*

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