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Thrown For A Loop 2 – DJ Shadow/Preemptive Strike

Welcome to the second instalment of “Thrown For A Loop”.  In this lesson we will be looking at a couple of DJ Shadow breaks.  In my opinion, one of the best non-drumming drummers if that makes sense.  He has also been a the front of sample based music with his 1996 album, “Endtroducing…..” famously being made up almost entirely of samples.

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6 Stroke Roll Part 2

In the second instalment of the 6-stroke roll I just want to go over the two main feels.  There is the more traditional variation and the more contemporary version.  Another way of thinking about it is, the straight and the triplet based version.  This is also a great way of warming up your hands with accents, singles and doubles and also changing subdivisions over a left foot pulse.

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Thrown For A Loop 1 – Umi Says/Amen

Hello and welcome to a new series of blogs.  In this and following lessons I will be sharing some of my favourite drum loops and grooves.  I am going to mostly focus on more “electronic” genres as often these get overlooked as there isn’t always an actual drummer involved.  Sometimes it will be a drummer playing the groove, other times it will be a programmed beat or a sample from another song.

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Paradiddle-diddles Part 1

Hello and welcome to a more general lesson on a rudiment that you really should know. The Paradiddle-diddle is a great rudiment that has so many useful applications. Lets just start off by making sure that you are happy with the basic principle.

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Odd Groupings 7

Hello and welcome to another lesson blog.   In this one, I am going going over a couple basic ways to play groups of five notes.  This is more about building a foundation for some upcoming patterns and fills that are a bit more challenging. Read more

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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