Lessons With Wil #1 – Pushing The One – Part 1

This is the first video in a new series where Istanbul Mehmet artist, Wil Wainwright goes through some cool ideas, patterns and techniques.  This time we’re going to “push the one” to create a cool effect that sounds great in grooves and fills.

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New kid on the block!

Hello everyone. My name is Graeme Hare and I’m a drummer/teacher from the North East of England. I’ve recently joined the Istanbul Mehmet family and this is my first blog.
I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself and outline the content of future blogs. Read more

Boi de Zabumba

The Boi de Zabumba” (Zabumba’s Ox), also known as the Guimarães Accent or Baixada Accent, had its origin in the municipality of Guimarães, in the coast of the state of Maranhão, northeast Brazil. This rhythm, also called accent, is characterized by the presence of zabumbas (bass, mid and high drums), as well as other percussion instruments: pandeirinho or repinicadores (kind of very little drum) and maracás (kind of shaker). Read more

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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