Thrown For A Loop 1 – Umi Says/Amen

Hello and welcome to a new series of blogs.  In this and following lessons I will be sharing some of my favourite drum loops and grooves.  I am going to mostly focus on more “electronic” genres as often these get overlooked as there isn’t always an actual drummer involved.  Sometimes it will be a drummer playing the groove, other times it will be a programmed beat or a sample from another song.

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Paradiddle-diddles Part 1

Hello and welcome to a more general lesson on a rudiment that you really should know. The Paradiddle-diddle is a great rudiment that has so many useful applications. Lets just start off by making sure that you are happy with the basic principle.

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Odd Groupings 7

Hello and welcome to another lesson blog.   In this one, I am going going over a couple basic ways to play groups of five notes.  This is more about building a foundation for some upcoming patterns and fills that are a bit more challenging. Read more

Exploring Odd Groupings Part 5

Hello and welcome to the fifth instalment of the odd groupings series.  In this lesson we will be looking at a slightly less obvious grouping of either 5 and 4 or 3 depending on how you feel or count it.  When it comes to applying these patterns I have used a jazz approach but please do experiment and have some fun! Read more

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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