16th February 2016 Rick Henry

Good Evening

Good evening people, and welcome to my Istanbul Mehmet Artist Blog Page. I thought I would start my first blog by introducing myself!  

My name is Rick Henry and l am a UK independent drummer from Burnley a town near Manchester. I have been playing the drums for around 13 years. After seeing John Miceli on kit for Meat Loaf, I knew it was what I wanted to do. I started having lessons with a jazz drummer called Russell Woods. Russ was a well known drummer in the UK and backed a number of American Jazz Artists when they come to the UK, he was most famous for his 10 minute drum solo in Skin Deep! When Russ passed away I started studying with Dave Hassell. Russ & Dave got me in to drummers like Buddy Rich, Mel Louis, Gene Krupa, Zutty Singleton, Ben Pollack, Shelly Manne & Baby Dodds to name a few! The one thing all these drummers had in common was cymbal time, they could swing like the clappers!

Why did I choose lstanbul Mehmet you might be thinking? good question, but a very simple one!

The most important thing for me on the drum kit, are the cymbals, their sounds and their tones and I have got Russ to thank for that! I have never once bought a cymbal online, for me its about trying them out, and I do not rush this process!

Back in 2012, I received an email from Andy Anderson at Drumshop UK telling me to check out Istanbul Mehmet’s cymbals at the London Drum Show. I remember going to the stand and getting a stick out of my bag, the first cymbal I started playing cymbal time on was a 21” Nostalgia 50’s Ride Cymbal straight away I said to Andy, where do I sign, I want to be an artist!

What I love is all the cymbal ranges Istanbul Mehmet have to offer, which is brilliant for me as I work with a number of different artists playing different genres of music!

I love using the Session Series when I am playing live with Manning, when working with JK as Robbie Williams & Patti Russo I mix the cymbals up with Radiants and Nostalgias they compliment each over very well!

My stand out cymbals are my Tony Williams cymbal set, my word, I can not describe how they sound! The first time I heard them I was speechless!

There you have it, a little bit about me and  my cymbals, I will keep you updated on here on upcoming sessions and shows!



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Rick Henry UK Independent Drummer Currently working with JK @ Robbie Williams, Patti Russo & Guy Manning

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