14th November 2019 Wil Wainwright

Half Time Shuffle With 6-Stroke Fills

Hello and welcome to a lesson where we will be combining the half time shuffle with some 6-stroke roll fill ideas.  

We have covered both of these parts individually in a bit more depth already so if you haven’t worked through those lessons, I recommend going back and working on them now.  In the following exercises I have only written the ideas on the snare but once you have them down, start moving them around the kit. 

1) In this first exercise we are playing a bar of the half time shuffle and a bars worth of the 6-stoke roll as 8th note triplets.  Note that we are playing an open hihat on beat 4 of the first bar.  This is just there to help us transition a little easier into the 6-stroke roll.  As always take your time and increase the tempo slowly. 

2) Next up we have almost the same as in 1 but the fill is now one 6-stroke roll and one “inverted” 6-stroke.  Really focus on your dynamics during the fill and make sure you are only accenting the accented notes.

3) In the third example, during the fill, we are now playing a 6-stroke roll followed by two groups of RLL.   

4) In the final example we have combined the fills from 2 and 3 and created a four bar phrase.  Really try and focus on your dynamics and make your ghost notes in the groove a similar volume to the unaccented notes of the fills. 

I hope you enjoyed that lesson, see you next time.


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