9th September 2019 Wil Wainwright

Hihat Accents Part 5

Hello and welcome to the fifth part of our hihat accent series.  This time we are playing16th note bass drum patterns with and offbeat hihat.


1) First up we are just playing a bass drum on every 8th note that does not have a snare.  Really try and lock in and relax.

2) Next up we displace the bass drums one 16th so that we have a bass on every ‘e’ and ‘a’.

3-6) In the next four exercises we are taking two 16th notes and displacing them in a grid format.  If a bass falls with a snare, I have dropped the bass drum.  You can obviously go back through all of these and put the bass drums ‘back in’ if you like but I find this a more appropriate way of practicing for the most part.  We start with ‘1e’, then ‘e+’, then ‘+a’ and finally ‘1a’.

7) In the final exercise we are playing examples 3-6 as a continuous loop.  The advantage of this is we also get two occasions of three bass drums in a row, starting both with the hihat (bar 3 to 4) and also in the gap (bar 4 to 1)

I hope you enjoyed that lesson.  Join me next time for something a little different.


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