18th February 2019 Wil Wainwright

Odd Groupings 11 (5+7=12 part 3)

In the third and final (for now at least) 5+7=12 segment we are going to add in a couple of new fragments and work through a few fun fill options with them.

1A) The first new fragment we are going to work on is a new grouping of 7.  It is our simple RLRLL where the right hand is accented.  It then has an added bass drum double on the end to make it up to the 7.  Spend a little time just moving this round the kit.  It is written as a septuplet but we will be playing it as a sextuplet when used as a fill.

1B) This is another grouping of 7.  This time we have switched the grouping of 2 and 3 within the hands so we are now playing RLLRL and added another accent.  This is a great pattern that is worth spending a little time on first getting comfortable with first.

2) This is the first of the fills.  We have taken the new grouping from 1a and added in a simple RLRKK.  Start off slow, playing it on the snare, then start moving the accents around.  Once you are comfortable with that I would move the RLRKK around the kit as well. 

3) This is almost the same as 2, but we have changed the sticking on the second fragment (the RLRKK) and are now playing RLLKK instead. This, as previously mentioned in other lessons, will open up other orchestration possibilities when moving round the kit so although it seems very similar it can help inspire very different outcomes.

4) In this pattern we are using the new fragment from 1b along with our simple RLRKK.  Although the number of hand hits and bass drum hits are the same and in the same place this has a very different vibe so maker sure you take some time to really internalise the difference.  

5) As with 3, we have replaces the RLRKK with RLLKK.  Follow the same steps as before and have some fun.


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