15th May 2019 Wil Wainwright

Odd Groupings 14: 3’s In The Right Hand

Hello and welcome to the 14th Odd Groupings lesson.  This time we have a fun bunch of exercises that will help free up your right hand.

1) First up, we are just playing a bar of 16ths with an accent every three notes. This is just a warm-up so take your time and make the hands feel relaxed and fluid. Really try an internalise  the accent pattern over the top.

2) In 2, we have simply changed the sicking to RLL so that the accents fall only on the right hand.  Watch out when it loops and make sure that both of the consecutive rights have the same dynamic.

3) Now we take the right-hand pattern from the previous pattern and play it on the hi-hat over a basic rock groove. 

4) In the fourth example, we are playing the same idea, with the right hand playing the same pattern but underneath that, we are alternating between snare and bass drum through 16ths.  Make sure you are counting so that you still feel it as 16ths and not triplets.  I have written it out as a one bar loop on purpose to help with that.

5) Next up, we let the pattern resolve fully.  This means we are playing a three bar loop.  Take your time and make sure your bass drum and snare notes are relaxed, smooth and consistent. 

6) This is a simpler version of the previous exercise where the right hand is now playing 8th notes.  

7) This is where we start getting a little more interesting. We have a two-bar loop, with the first bar being the previous exercise and the second being a 3/4 bar version of example 4.  Make sure you play this with a click and hear the right hand modulate, not the snare/bass underneath. 

8) In the final exercise, we are just playing example 6 and 4 back to back.  This is a little more awkward to play than 7 so take your time and start slowly. 

I hope you got a lot out of that exercise.  I have found it useful for building a bit more independence with my right hand.  It also sounds great and I have used it in songs for a cool punk vibe.

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