9th October 2018 Wil Wainwright

Odd Groupings 9 – “5+7=12″ Part 1

Okay so this time we are going to take some of the sticking patterns from the last two odd groupings exercises and combine them. If we take a grouping of 5 and 7, we get 12 notes. So, if we are playing 16th note triplets we get a half bar of 4/4.

1) Before we get too into combinations, lets just take a second to make sure we are happy playing the odd groupings through 16th note triplets. Here we are just playing hand to hand with a quarter note pulse. We have 24 notes to play with so we get four repetitions of the grouping of five and then just RLRL at the end. For now, lets focus on patterns that we can resolve in one bar.
2) We now have the groupings of seven. We can get 3 repetitions in with a remainder of 3 notes. Just as before, make sure you keep the left foot strong so you can clearly feel how the both the subdivisions and the accents relate to the pulse.
3) Here we take the basic patterns and combine them in the really simple application of two groups of 5 and two groups of 7. This lets the patterns perfect resolve within the one bar of 4/4. Take your time internalising how the accents feel against the left foot and then mix up the order once you feel more comfortable. At this point, as long as you play two 5s and two 7s, the order doesn’t matter that much.
4) This is the same as the previous example except we have changed the sticking so that all the accents fall in the right hand and the left play a double at the end of both the 5s and 7s.
5) In the final exercise of this first part of “5+7=12” we are going to alternate between the 5s and 7s. I have also orchestrated the right had onto the hi-hat along with the bass drum. This is to help you hear the pattern in a different way.

We will start moving these groupings around more in future lessons so really make sure that you have internalised them and can really feel how the accents land against the 1/4 note pulse.

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