5th September 2016 Rick Henry

The Phil Collins Experience & Cymbal Choice

Good evening people,

It’s been a while since I wrote on here, but I thought I would talk about the new show I am doing and my cymbal choice! 

I am happy to announce that I am now drumming for The Phil Collins Experience which boasts a 10 piece live band starring ‘DEANO’ the UK’s no1 Phil Collins tribute artiste and impersonator.

The show is a two hour production covering Phil Collins & Genesis greatest hits…‘Sussudio’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ ‘Against All Odds’ ‘Invisible Touch’ ‘I Can’t Dance’ to name a few.  It also features songs from Phil’s Oscar winning movie soundtrack ‘Tarzan’.

With playing such a back catalogue of songs, I was after bright sounding cymbals for the show, so I tried my Radiants cymbals, but for some reason, they did not seem to be working for me. I then tried my Session series cymbals,which provided me with the sound I was after. I knew from playing the first song that using this model was the right decision.  They really are a versatile all – around cymbal! they have a mixture of the Radiants and the Traditional in there! Playing with a 10 piece band, I needed a  pair of hi hats that would cut through the band and these do! If you have not seen the hi hats, please check them out, they are impressive, they have a  heavy bottom which gives a very crisp sound!

Now for my ride cymbal, I have a number of different ride cymbals, and I always find myself using the same one, my 21” 50’s Nostalgia, however this time I have gone for a 21” Session Ride, whats good about this is that it has a power bell on it, this is little bigger than the usual bells! With a lot of songs we are playing, I find myself doing a lot of bell work, so this cymbal is just right!

My set up on this show consists off:

14” Hi Hats & 13” Hi Hats

8” 10” & 12” Splash, I am using this as a stack cymbal, it sounds killer in songs like Sussudio.

18” 19” & 20” Crash

15” Holy Crash

18” & 20” China

21” Ride

My next couple of shows with The Phil Collins Experience are:

Friday 16th September -Winding Wheel Theatre, Chesterfield

Saturday 17th September-Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn

Until next time ….



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