10th February 2015 Cristian

Robby Ameen Tribute By Mehmet Artist Paul Elliott

Istanbul Mehmet cymbals artist, Paul Elliott recently got in touch to tell us about a video he had recorded as a tribute video to Robby Ameen, who is also an Istanbul Mehmet artist. It’s a great little vid at just over 4 minutes long and is definitely worth a watch! Just listen to those beautiful cymbals!

The Cymbal Set Up You See And Hear In The Video Above Is As Follows:

  • Main Hi Hats – Istanbul Mehmet 13” Traditional Heavy Hi Hats
  • Left Crash – Istanbul Mehmet 15” Traditional Dark Crash Cymbals
  • Ride – Istanbul Mehmet 22” Versa Erik Smith Ride Cymbal
  • Right Crash – Istanbul Mehmet 18” Traditional Thin Crash Cymbal
  • and last but not least, Istanbul Mehmet X-Hats 13” Vezir Hi Hats

All the above cymbals are available from Drumshop UK as well as our other UK dealers. Check out the dealers page to find a Istanbul Mehmet cymbal stockist near you!

You can also check other cool videos from Paul Elliott below. :)

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