Scott Ottaway & Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

Scott has recently became an Istanbul Mehmet artist and here’s the story behind it…
Scott Ottaway Istanbul Mehmet

Scott plays drums for the 60s legends, The Searchers and until late last year had always used Sabian cymbals. It wasn’t until Scott played a kit in Europe, which was set-up with Istanbul Mehmet’s that he realised what he had been missing and finally found the ride sound he had been searching for! Scott then went on to buy that exact ride cymbal and added a 16” Mehmet crash and 15” Mehmet hi hats and has never looked back!

Scott came into Istanbul Mehmet HQ today to pick up some more cymbals for The Searchers tour. His cymbal set-up now includes Istanbul Traditional series, Radiant, and Sultan!

We’re proud to welcome Scott on board as an artist of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and you can read more about Scott on our family page, or visit his website.

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Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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