3rd November 2016 Scott Ottaway

Where am I?

As I write this, I am sat back stage at the Royal Concert hall, Glasgow. The 60s Gold tour is about to start at 7.30pm and we are not on till 9.35pm!

This tour started on 20th September in Reading and has been to Southampton, Cardiff, Gateshead, Plymouth, Bristol, Southend and many more venues. Sadly they all do drift into one after a while.

Tomorrow we travel to Inverness to do 2 shows, 5.45pm and 9.45pm!

This tour finishes in Manchester on November 1st and then all the acts fly to Australia on November 3rd to play on a cruise ship for a week on a Rock the Boat cruise.

This tour has already done 1 Rock the Boat cruise, which left Southampton on September 30th on board The Celebrity cruise ship, Eclipse.
It was a 3 day cruise stopping in Bruggs and Cherbourg, before heading back to Southampton.

This is the life I lead at the moment!

Every day is a different venue and a different part of the UK or the World.

On this 60s Gold tour, Nick Woolgar is the main drummer backing the other acts, who are: Wayne Fontana, PJ Proby, Brian Poole, Chip Hawkes, Dave Munden and from the US Gary Puckett.
Because of this we are using his Sakae kit with my 16” and 17” traditional crash and 20” ride and his 12” hihats (which I don’t like)

The Searchers solo shows resume again on 17th November and I shall be sat behind my own kit (that will be changing, but more on that next time) and my own 14” hihats!

With a tour this big, we do have a tour manager and catering. Sadly most of the food on offer is chocolate, crisps and pasties, which does not help my waste line one bit.

Sat back stage for so long, you rely heavily on free wifi. I spend a lot of my time watching Netflix, youtube drumming videos and reading books.
My current book is Phil Collins autobiography, which I am finding to be a great read.

You also grow to hate road closures and motorways!

Inbetween the 60s Gold tour, I have also been recording in the studio, playing live and recording a tv show advert with The Pocket Gods.

Mark Lee, the lead singer has managed to get his own tv show every Sunday night on Sky, Virgin and Freeview. It starts on November 13th at 10pm.

Sadly because of my touring schedule, the first three shows I won’t be involved with, but after that, unless my dep is better, I should be on your tv Sunday nights

Well, its nearly time for me to get suited and booted and on stage to play the hits.

Take care and see you all real soon.


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Scott Ottaway Drummer for the 60s legends, The Searchers, I replaced Eddie Roth on 26th February 2010. I came up through the ranks, after working in house bands on cruise ships, holiday parks and I was a regular dep on the hit west end Queen musical, We Will Rock You, at the Dominion Theatre, London. I am proud to use and be associated with Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, Carrera drums, Pellwood drumsticks, Porter & Davis tactile monitors and CODE drum skins. *All views expressed by myself, are my views only and not the views of any parties I am associated with*

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