16th July 2019 Leandro Lui

Boi de Pindaré

Hello! It is with great pleasure that I have decided to start some articles here in this Blog at the invitation of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals. I am a Brazilian drummer who also plays percussion. In my texts, I intend to explore some rhythms of my Country, which are originally performed at Brazilian Folklore festivities. My goal here is to avoid going into deep research of the origin and reason for each specific rhythm. Likewise, I do not intend to explore the religious connotation involved, since many of these rhythms have this relationship, but rather show how Brazilian percussion can be adapted for drums in order to increase our Grooves repertoire. Because Brazil is a Country with continental dimensions and diverse cultures, I will attempt to explore the main rhythms performed in each region. It is a good idea to clarify thatBrazilian culture is supported by three pillars: indigenous, African and European, as well as a mix of both. All three form our culture.

I will begin with a rhythm performed in the Northeast region of Brazil called “BOI,” which in English is the animal “OX.” In a very simplified way, it carries this name because the story behind it tells about the death and resurrection of the Ox. In Maranhão, there are a few variations of the “Boi” like the “Boi de Zabumba,” the “Boi Costa de Mão,” and the one illustrated here – the “Boi de Pindaré.”It is performed by instruments called “Pandeirões,” “Matracas,” “Onça” and “Ganzás” – as shown in the video below:

Sheet Music: 8203_0_Figure1

It is good to keep in mind that the adaptations are transpositions from bass and treble instruments to bass and treble drums, so the rhythm looks like this:

Sheet Music:


You can check the groove of the “Boi de Pindaré” in the video below:


Since there are no rules on how to adapt Brazilian rhythms to drums, you can listen to the “Boi de Pindaré” and, while you do so, you may want to explore your own creativity and develop the rhythms presented here your way.

See you soon, Lui.www.leandrolui.com.br


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