19th July 2019 Wil Wainwright

Hihat Accents Part 3

Hello and welcome to the third part of our hihat accent series.  This time we are playing 7/4! We are going to combine the feel from the previous two lessons into a great hihat accent exercise.

So we have taken exercises 2-6 from the previous two lessons (Hihat accents part 1 & 2).  If you haven’t already worked through those lessons, please do that before starting these.


1) First up it is the basic groove, from example 2 of the previous lessons transposed into 7/4.  All we’ve done is cut off the last 1/8 note from each and then play them back to back.  I love working through the accents like this as we not only get to work on accents that seem as if they’re on both the down and upbeat but we also get to work on 7/4!  

2) In the second example, we have added the extra bass drum.  Please note that we have now lost the extra snare on the “and” of four.  If you struggled with that snare in the previous lessons, try adding a snare to the “and” of two and to the downbeat of six. 

3) In 3, it is the grove from example 2 of the previous lessons.  

4) In the final exercise, we have added in the ghost notes. Make sure you really focus on the dynamics of all your limbs.

I hope you enjoyed that lesson.  Next time we will dive into 16th bass drums. 

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