23rd July 2020 Andre Mallau

Melodic-Rythmic Approach to Nañigo lesson 2

Hello and welcome in my blog. I’m very proud and glad to be invited by Istanbul Mehmet cymbals to share with you some exercises from my different books.

In this case, for this lesson from my book « Total Update » volume 1, I want to you show you how to apply and learn the process of conversion from scales to rhythmic phrases.

All that in Nañigo style + Pentatonic 4th Mode clave:

8 Bis New for VGT jepg

So that you can better understand the principle of  Pentatonic scales conversions, here are some exemples:

A poster


I hope you’ll practice and enjoy this lesson. 

Watch my improvisation with Total Update and Pentatonic scale clave with this link!



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