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Tony Williams Tribute

“There ain’t but one Tony Williams when it comes to playing the drums. There was nobody like him before or since.’’ Miles Davis

Tony Williams Tribute Hi Hats

Simply a stunningly beautiful pair of old Turkish made HiHats. The top and bottom cymbal are perfectly nested from a lifetime of playing. The chick is gorgeous, the stick sound…sublime. But the cymbal masters at Istanbul Mehmet were not to be daunted and the replica HiHats were, in fact, the first of the models to be approved.
Available in 14″, 15″


Tony Williams Tribute Crash

The Crash has a crack in the body and a smaller crack at the edge. Mysteriously, however, there is no discernible buzz or noise from these cracks. The crack in the body does, however, act as an in-built ‘attenuator’ accelerating the decay of the crash. These sonic characteristics have been replicated through a careful combination of additional hammering and specific lathing.
Available in 16″, 18″


Tony Williams Tribute Ride

The most celebrated Ride cymbal in history? Undoubtedly. Long regarded as the epitome of the ideal old Turkish cymbal Ride sound. Used by Tony on all the Quintet recordings up to ‘Sorcerer’, after which it was forced in to retirement due to increasing fragility, this magnificent cymbal now bears the scars of the most intense Ride cymbal playing in history. Drilled out repeatedly in several places over the years, to halt the spread of cracks, with a piece flung off at the edge under his furious assault, Tony, still refused to surrender his prize. Despite and ‘because of’, these historic characteristics, this cymbal retains its utterly remarkable sound and all the characteristics for which it became so famous. Its unique combination of dry, clean stick sound, with complex, dark, orchestral overtones, presented the greatest challenge to the Istanbul Mehmet artisans, and they met it.
Available in 22″


Tony Williams Tribute Jazz-Rock Ride

Towards the end of his tenure with Miles Davis, Tony Williams had already begun to use a heavier Ride cymbal to compete with his mentor’s increasing use of electric instruments. But for the allout electronic assault of his own Lifetime group, Williams needed a Ride cymbal that could cut through and be heard yet at the same time would still retain the deeply expressive, darker, trashier cymbal sounds that had become his trademark. In tribute to that epic era in Tony’s evolution, the Artisans at Istanbul Mehmet bring you the next phase in the Tony Williams Tribute Cymbal series.

Available in 22″


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