9th May 2012 Cristian


Where can I purchase Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals?

Please check out the list of distributors around the world. If you are in the US, please check out our list of US dealers. If we don’t currently have a dealer in your country, please ask your favorite drum store about Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals.
What is the warranty on my Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals?

All Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals have a Limited One Year warranty.

I believe I have a defective item, what should I do?

Please contact the store where you purchased the cymbal.
I’m going to visit Istanbul / Turkey. Can I visit the Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals Factory?

Although we would like to be able to facilitate requests like this, unfortunately most of the time we can’t. Our manufacturing plant is not set up for visits like this. It does happen from time to time under special circumstances but not often.
Does Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals make custom cymbals?

Please contact your authorized dealer / distributor.

Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals

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