1st May 2020 Andre Mallau

Melodic-Rythmic Approach to Nañigo


Hello and welcome in my blog. I’m very proud and glad to be invited by Istanbul Mehmet cymbals to share with you some exercises from my different books. In this case, for this lesson from my book « Total Update » volume 1, I want to show you how to apply and learn the process of conversion from scales to rhythmic phrases. All that in Nañigo style.

7 Bis

For several Years already, pioneering drummers have been exploring the infinite richness of polyrhythms. By shifting meters for changing the pulse within a simple chart, new colors, climates and musical illusions are formed, bringing radiance and innovation tot the music. Starting out from the rhythmical phrase of NAÑIGO and carried by the system that I developed, this compilation expresses my wish to extend as far as possible the concept of independence and coordination in drumming within the context of tasteful musicality.

So that you can better understand the principle of these conversions, here are some examples.

Scales Complet (glissé(e)s)

I hope you’ll practice and enjoy this lesson.

Watch my improvisation with Total Update Concept with this link!




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