14th April 2019 Wil Wainwright

Odd Groupings 13 – Using 5s To Help Your Independence – Part 2

Hello and welcome to the 13th Odd Groupings lesson.  This time we will once again be taking a grouping of five and applying it through 16ths.  This is a simple extension from the previous lesson so if you haven’t worked on that one yet, do so. 

It helps us work on independence, focusing on the snare drum against the hihat.  We have both a single and a double snare hit which permeate to start both with the right hand and in the gap.  This is great for helping to develop creative freedom with ghost notes within a groove.


1) Here we have our basic pattern.  Please not this is in 5/4 so it resolves each bar.  As you play this, try and count both the 1,2,3,4,5 but also 1e+a2e…. etc.   Take your time to really internalise the pattern before moving on.

2) Now we will put the pattern into context with an 8th note hihat.  Once again, try and count the phrase both ways if you can.  Also take note of how the pattern flips in relation to the hihat with every phrase played.  

3) Back to 4/4! Okay, so no lets use this phrase as a “fill”.  We are simply playing the exact same thing as in 2, just stopping after 4 quarter notes into the phrase.  

4) In the fourth example we are playing the same idea but now on the ride.  We are also moving the left hand around the kit.  This is obviously a very basic option, have fun with the pattern and move it around the kit.

5) In this final exercise we take the 4/4 phrase from both this lesson and also the previous one.  As we change before each one resolves it can be easy to loose yourself within the pattern.  Take your time and play with a metronome.  Remember, slow and correct is MUCH better than fast and sloppy.


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