14th June 2019 Wil Wainwright

Hihat Accents Part 2

Hello and welcome to the second part of our hihat accent series.  This time we have modulated the right hand to accent the upbeat pulse.


1) First up, we are just playing a basic accent pattern, this time on the upbeats.  Make sure that you are counting your way through as it is too easy for the brain to hear it as downbeats otherwise.

2) In the second example, we are adding the basic bass and snare on the downbeat. Unlike in the previous exercise where the right hand supported the other limbs, right from the get-go here, we have the accents as a counterpoint to the groove.  Take your time and make it feel smooth.

3) In 3, we are just playing the same groove with an offbeat hihat.  As with the previous lesson, this is to help your ear hear what we are aiming for in regards to feel.

4) We are now adding in an extra bass and snare on the “and” of 3 and 4.  These extra notes are now going with the accents.  Take your time and make sure that your right-hand remains constant and smooth and doesn’t get disrupted by the pattern underneath. 

5) In 5, we have no bass drum on beat 3 again.  The space can feel much bigger so make sure you keep counting and keep that right hand nice and consistent. 

6) Finally, we have added in some ghost notes.  Just make sure they are a nice low dynamic and your right hand is consistent. 

I hope you enjoyed that lesson.  Join me next time when we combine these two previous lessons into a new and interesting challenge. 

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